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Are you a working journalist seeking expert background information on breaking behavioral health news or issues? We are available to consult on a series or investigative work. To discuss your story, please contact our Strategic Communications department. or by calling 813.244.4906 (cell) or

Our experts are available to assist you with a wide variety of topics from tough parenting choices to explaining evidence-based therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Feel free to use our Behavioral Health Topic Centers at the top of every page for background.

Community and students

Gracepoint offers tours for community leaders interested in learning more about Tampa Bay's nationally accredited private nonprofit healthcare organizations. To schedule a tour please email here  or call 813.239.8121 (office) or cell at 813-244-4906 (cell). 


Our Strategic Communications Department arranges informational presentations for university classes and may arrange on-site visits for student groups--especially those in the health and behavioral health professions by appointment. We do our best to answer student questions by phone during business hours. Please email or call 813.239.8121.

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