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Children and Families are resilient

"Treating a child in distress as soon as possible can help reduce problems at home, in school, and in relationships with family or friends. It can also help build skills for healthy development into adulthood. 

I believe children are resilient " 

                                    Derek McCarron, LMHC Director Pediatric Inpatient

Children's Emergency Services

We have created a special environment for children experiencing a mental health crisis. A warm, caring place that is safe and secure. Thousands of families have trusted the well-being of their children to our care.


Children ages 5 to 17 receive services in a secure 28-bed unit designed just for children. Our team of licensed clinicians led by board certified child & adolescent psychiatrists work exclusively with children. They have the expertise to recognize psychiatric disorders in children and the experience to recommend the most appropriate next steps in their treatment. We offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment of a variety of emotional and behavioral problems.


At Gracepoint, we focus on family. That means we are concerned about the family’s needs as well as the child’s. It also means that you play a valuable role in your child’s care—your support and attention are essential during this time. We know that having a child admitted may be difficult for your child and your family. We hope this information will answer some of your questions. FAQ


Emergency Walk-in
Be assured that at any time of day, our clinicians are available by calling 813.272.2882 or for immediate evaluations - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are located at 2208 E. Henry Ave., Tampa, FL 33610 or call 813.272.2882


Mobile Response Team
At Gracepoint, we understand the importance of early response to serious crisis situations – especially with children and adolescents.


A Mobile Crisis Team of licensed professionals trained specially to work with young people experiencing a mental health crisis and their families is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in their home, school or any other safe community location in Hillsborough County. Team members are trained to provide clinically necessary crisis de-escalation, supportive counseling and solution-focused interventions.


Anyone may call and request a Mobile Response Team Visit. Call 813.272.2958

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