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“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.”

Many offenders with mental illnesses don't receive treatment during incarceration. Without treatment, conditions can worsen. We aim to change that. Intervening early can dramatically change outcomes!

Mental Health Court Liaison 

This Program is a collaboration between Gracepoint and Hillsborough County 13th District Court. Our Subject Matter Expert supports the Chief Judge and Court Administration by offering recommendations. This program incorporates the “no wrong door” philosophy by offering the courtroom as an entry point for services. The objectives of the program are to increase coordination and collaboration between the criminal justice and mental health systems, improve access to mental health services and supports, and enhance continuity of care.


Once a referral is received from the court, our team completes an evidenced based assessment (LSCMI) that helps create a recommendation for referrals, risk of recidivism, and future criminogenic behavior. Additionally, we participate in Mental Health Court and offer invaluable resources for direction and advice.


This program offers referrals to resources in the community they feel are best suited for successful outcomes and follows up to determine compliance. Believing in continuity of care this team works closely with Gracepoint's Mental Health Pre-Trial Intervention program. 

This program targets:

  • Third degree felony or misdemeanors that have failed at other levels of care. Outcome goals are to assist Court Administration as a subject matter expert and reduce recidivism.

  • Referrals come from Court Administration, Public Defender’s office, State Attorney’s office. All parties, including client must sign a contract of intent to follow recommendations and complete recommended treatment goals.

  • For Mental Health Court Liaison, the length of stay can be brief as the goal is to connect to other services. Typically open 1 to 3 months. MHPTI is usually a nine to eighteen month contract.

  • Services provided:

               Evidenced Based Assessments

               Data gathering for Court Administration

               Court reports for Court participants

               Case Management

Want more information on our Mental Health Court Navigator program?

I believe there's always hope, and recovery is possible. 

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