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The Coffee Shop

The Full Story

  • The Coffee Shop is Gracepoint’s Outreach and Engagement Center that provides showers, laundry, coffee and snacks, a temporary mailing address, psycho-educational groups, and respite from the streets for our homeless neighbors. It is located in the same building as all of our other Homeless Services, which gives them access to screenings, case management, and referrals.

    1. Location of Services:

      1. Homeless program offices are located at 6220 N.  Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL  33604. Services are delivered both on-site and in community settings.

  • Admission Criteria and Admission Process:

    1. Criteria:

  1. Individuals/head of households 18 years or older.

  2. The Coffee Shop serves any individual experiencing/at risk of homelessness.

  • Services:

  1. Case Management

  2. Drop- In Center Services: Showers, Laundry, and Mail



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