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Both physical and mental health affect how we think, feel, and act on the inside and outside. This is true for children and adults. I'm proud to oversee a program that not only focuses on the child but strives to strengthen the whole family. 

                                                               Pamela Gray, Program Manager

Behavioral Health Network (BNet)

Is a Florida KidCare program developed in partnership with the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Families. It is available to children enrolled in the Children’s Medical Services Health Plan who have mental health or substance use concerns. The BNet program is also available to subsidized Florida Healthy Kids members. The BNet program treats the entire spectrum of behavioral health disorders.


What's our goal? 

Provide treatment for children 5 - 19 years old to increase their overall wellbeing and level of functioning to the degree that their emotional, social and academic needs can be successfully met.

  • Children will increase:

    • and maintain their stability in the community

    • their attendance in school

  • Children will decrease:

    • their number of crisis admissions

    • school suspensions

    • frequency of delinquent instances

  • Families participating in the treatment program will demonstrate an increase in family functioning

  • Families will increase their ability to access school and community-based resources


All children must be Title XXI insured through either:

  • Children’s Medical Services (CMS), or

  • Florida Healthy KidCare and 

  • Live in Hillsborough County


Take the Next Step!

  1. Talk to your child’s CMS Sunshine Health Plan Care Manager

  2. Call or email our BNet office 

 We also receive referrals from:  

      CMS Sunshine Health Care Managers

      Pediatric Crisis Centers or Outpatient

      Schools, Pediatricians, etc. 

Please Note: All referrals are sent to the Lead Agency BNet Liaison, who will complete a screening/clinical assessment for diagnostic eligibility. 



Clinical Assessment

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling

Psychiatric Evaluation

Medication Monitoring

Targeted Case Management

Average length of service is 6 months-2 years.  Children can receive services until 18 years old as long as they meet diagnostic criteria and maintain Title 21 coverage. 


Connect with our BNet Program Supervisor


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