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East Henry Academy

When children are having a difficult time, or identified by the Hillsborough County Public School System as having Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) our program steps in. .


 The program was developed in partnership with Hillsborough County School Board to provide extensive mental health support to students at school. Research shows early intervention works, and keeping children in school will increase the likeihood in maintaining academic progress.  


 Who can enroll?

  • Children enrolled in Hillsborough County Schools in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade, and up to 22 years old.

  • Have a diagnosis of EBD

  • Approved through a Individualized Education Plan Meeting (IEP). This is held at the school, chaired by an area staffing specialist and attended by the Exceptional Student Education specialist, teacher, psychologist, speech/language therapist, parents and Gracepoint. 

Schools participating:

Carver/Mendez Exceptional Center         South County Career Center              Simmons Career Center

Palm River Elementary                                 Progress Village Middle School        Citrus Park Elementary

Smith Middle School                                     Kimbell Elementary                               Greco Middle School.

Services Offered:

Individual Therapy: One-to-one basis to facilitate problem solving, conflict resolving, and/or system changing insights, knowledge, or skills with the child.


Small Group Therapy: A group modality in which staff engage the children’s participation in meaningful and purposeful exercises to enhance their educational, vocation, social or recreational skills.


Family Therapy: Includes treatment applied to the family unit, which includes at least one identified child. This may include married and unmarried couples; and therapeutic interventions with at least one significant other of a client geared toward mobilization or restructuring of a child’s social support system to assist the child in attaining identified treatment objectives.


Parent Education: Individualized consultation and psycho-education regarding specific psychological disorders that are affecting child. This also includes parenting skills training, assistance navigating social service systems, to encourage parent involvement through the respective school.


Service Coordination: These activities are aimed at linking services to the children and families, and advocating for the child and families at the service delivery locations in the community.


Psychiatric Evaluation: Psychiatric Diagnostic interview examination including history, mental status exam or disposition (may include communication with family or other sources), ordering and medical interpretation of laboratory or other medical evaluations.


Medication Review: Follow-up office visits relating to pharmacological management, including prescriptions, uses and review of medication


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