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Resilience, Endurance And Continued Hope


REACH is dedicated to helping individuals lead active and purposeful lives in our community. Our program uses Evidenced-Based Practices and sees recovery as a process not an outcome.   


REACH is an innovative recovery-oriented program that uses psycho-education as a primary intervention to promote and sustain recovery. Individuals in the program refer to each other as members, as opposed to patients. With the development of healthier self-esteem, members begin to see life goals related to education, employment, housing, social support and leisure as attainable.

It’s all about YOU

REACH is a personal journey that is about the rediscovery of self while learning to live with a mental health disability. We do not believe people are defined by their illness but rather by their hopes, strengths and abilities.


Admission requirements:

  • 18 years + 

  • Diagnosed with a mental health disability

  • Have medical benefits from Medicaid

  • REACH is a voluntary, group based.



Our program is Monday - Friday from 9 am - 2 pm, and we provide transportation!

Our groups focus on a variety of topics such as:

  • Socialization Skills,

  • Employment/Job Readiness,

  • Independent Living Skills,

  • Self-Awareness

  • Coping Skills and

  • Activities of Daily Living


Specialty groups are offered in addition to regularly scheduled groups to help individuals who want to focus on specific skills related to their goals. These may include:

  • Community Service

  • Physical Fitness

  • Computer Skills

  • Environmental Friendliness

  • Cultural Awareness

We all need a place where we feel we belong, and know we’re needed and valued. At Gracepoint, our mission is to respond to all people seeking to improve their lives by delivering integrated mental health, substance abuse and medical care to promote health and wellness.


We hope REACH members will develop friendships, regain a sense of belonging, and feel connected to others. We want to join you on your journey. 

Apply to Join REACH today!

To best protect your personal information please do not include birth dates, or SSN #'s

Thanks for your interest!

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